There is nothing more interesting than people.

In a society where time is money and money makes the world go round, not everyone makes the mainstream cut…so we make our own. We spend our time and money travelling and meeting people and listening to their real, raw points of view. By seeing the world from their eyes we learn compassion and empathy, skills much needed today.


As the saying in India goes, ‘Sab Kush Milagar’ (Everything Is Possible). Humans are incredible beings, literally able to manifest just about anything they can think of. Similarly, we are an independent film company that co-creates with the Universe and its inhabitants in order to make our films happen.


People are mirrors. They help us remember who we are and what we are about. It is our desire to experience the fullness of what it means to be human. New places, old cultures, finite and eternal creation, inspire us to make our films. We hope they inspire you too.

go with the flow

Our films manifest themselves naturally; meaning they are not subject to planning. Either through referrals or captured opportunities, if a story needs to be told…it will find a way to tell itself.

It All Started…

Filming local Karin children in Myanmar (photo credit Carlos Lombardero)


in 2012, when she sprained an ankle in the Himalayas and was forced to sit in a cafe and wait it out.

“An old man ran to my rescue, lifting me off the ground and placing me into a taxi. When I returned from hospital I saw him sitting in the office next door to the café, close by where I had fallen.”

He reminded her of a lion. Majestic, wise, composed, observant. She began thinking of excuses to talk to him.

“Somehow I ended up running that café a year later, all the while chasing trips across Ladakh. I dreamed of interviewing with the old man, who’s name was Mr Tashi, who’d listen to my ups and downs, and who soon became a sort of uncle.”

One day, she handed the spatula to the cleaner, picked up her camera, and dragged Mr Tashi by the hand to an ancient re-conditioned Ladakhi house where she boldly attempted to set up an interview for the first time, before proceeding to ask her subject numerous questions about his life experience, insights and beliefs.

“Surprisingly, he answered all my questions openly, and the one and a half hour interview turned out better than I had expected.”

The very act of listening to him during the edit had a powerful, almost cathartic affect on her, and six years on, Plasm Productions continues to capture people’s incredible stories and the places they inhabited.

Are you a Philanthropist?

Would you Donate to support what we do?

We don’t make films for money; hence we don’t make money from our films. Instead, we use them to raise for local charities, as well as training youths and grass-roots organisations to make film and tell their own stories.

All this takes time and money and we often run out of self-funds each month…but we continue because we believe giving back is what counts in life, and with your help, we will continue to do so.

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