To Be


Buddha statues Monywa, 200 miles before we reach Moreh, the last town of Myanmar before crossing into India. Statues are often made and layered over pure gold.

Medieval ruins of Kachari Rajbari in India’s Dimapur appear as extra-terrestrial spaceship mushrooms, and the apartments with their beautiful flowers on a nearby road

A little girl looks out the train window whilst her mother sits behind her. Indian train carriages are usually always full of family members travelling from one state to the

A misty morning in the hillsides of Mon village with a moody before and after pic of the guesthouse owners daughter before school

Prepping my ADHD-bagged content before embarking on an 8-hour SUV joy ride

A quick pre-sunset selfie after my hike; the rolling hills of Myanmar and India
merge into one

Fierce Curiosity: Konyak offspring observe us observing them

Warrior Mode: Our obligating 
 interviewee, Penjun Konyak, is actually a real softie at heart as he models his wears to please us

Hybrids in Time and Space: More local kids on the block make light work of their baby brothers and sisters

A typical tribal settlement with thatched long house roofs to hold families

A bit of before and after at the guesthouse

Rainbow chicks collect grains that fall between rickety wooden stilts

A weaver and her brightly coloured tribal creation

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